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Please be advised that charges incurred for the following reasons will not be refunded:

  • Duplicate charges for Parcel Registers requested multiple times.  Parcel Registers can be reprinted by the original requester at no additional charge on the same day.  To reprint, open the Administration panel in Teraview, and in the Dockets section, select Reprint
  • Searches performed in the wrong Enforcement Office/Land Registry Office
  • Duplicate charges for Instruments requested accidently, or through the course of your research
  • Search information entered incorrectly
  • Unable to register the same day that a writ search was conducted
  • Automated Plan fees applied to Instruments requested via courier
  • If the content of your transaction does not provide expected details.  For example: A search by name not displaying current ownership of the parcel

You may not need a refund if:

  • You experience difficulties and are unable to receive the results for your writ search.  You can search the name again in Teraview on the same day at no additional charge as long as the request is made from the same account.
  • You are requesting a copy of a registered instrument in the system to act as a confirmation report on the same day as registration by the person who signed for completeness for the side paying for the registration, and you are not requesting an email copy.

Always check your Docket Summary first to see if a refund is required

Land Transfer Tax Refunds

To request a refund of Land Transfer Tax, please contact the Ministry of Finance at 416-360-1190 or 1-800-208-5263.  Press 1 for help with electronic registration, then press 3 to be transferred to the Ministry of Finance.

Electronic Registration Fees Refunds

To request a refund of Electronic Registration fees, please complete the Refund Request Form.

Note: Forms not authorized by Land Registry Office staff or that are incomplete or illegible will not be processed.