Teraview Training Now Available


The training environment contains all the Teraview functionality you need to:

create a Docket

search for a property or map

create, sign and register an Instrument

manage your account and users

To get started

  • Log Into the Teraview Training Environment
  • Enter your existing Account Name and User Name (you can find these in the desktop Teraview login window)
  • Enter TVereg_2017 for your password.

  • Open the Teraview Training Help
  • Select the orange help icon to open the Teraview Training Help.

  • Start your training
  • Follow the detailed help system of basic tasks you'll be performing in the new Web based version of Teraview.
  • Note: When it comes time to sign an Instrument in the Training Environment, you can use any six numbers for your RSA Token.
Go to www.teraviewtraining.ca

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