MGCS Bulletin 2008 – 02 New Registration Requirements for Transfer and Power of Attorney Documents now in Effect

New Registration Requirements for Transfer and Power of Attorney Documents Now in Effect

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) Bulletin 2008 – 02 summarizes the changes to the registration requirements for Transfers, Power of Attorney and Revocation documents and documents being signed under authority of a Power of Attorney.

Effective April 7, 2008, MGCS retired a number of statements and introduced new statements that are required to be selected on the instrument types noted. Please ensure that all Work in Progress (WIP) instruments that contain a statement that has been retired or is a document type affected by the new statements meet the new rules in order to successfully sign the instrument for completeness and submit for registration.

All previously signed WIP instruments affected by these changes that are not updated will receive one of the following error messages upon registration:

Verification of Party From Completor signature failed.

Verification of Party To Completor signature failed.

In order to successfully re-sign the instrument for completeness, you must remove your signature and re-sign the instrument and, depending on the business rules affecting the instrument, select the appropriate new statement(s). You will not need to recreate your WIP instruments.

For more information on the changes and their impact, please refer to the Bulletin which can be found here

Please direct all questions regarding the new requirements under Bulletin 2008-02 to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. Ministry Staff can be reached directly at 1-866-262-8135 or 416-314?-138.

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