Introducing MyTeraview – The better way to manage your Teraview Account

Teranet is dedicated to modernizing services to enhance customer experience and promote efficiencies for legal professionals. We are excited to announce the launch of MyTeraview, the new streamlined way to easily manage Teraview Users online.

MyTeraview eliminates many manual processes needed for Teraview Account Holder Representatives to make simple changes to the users on their account. This will not only save professionals significant time, it will also reduce wait times for changes to take place.

MyTeraview eliminates complicated paper forms and will launch with a selection of digital services. The first services available online include:

  • Add a User
  • Transfer a User License
  • Suspend a User

To start using MyTeraview, Teraview Account Holder Representatives must have their own Teraview License and a valid email in the system. Account Holder Representatives can simply log into to get started.

We are committed to digital innovation and will continue to add new services and capabilities to MyTeraview in the future. Stay tuned for more news.

Tell us what you think! If you have any feedback or questions about MyTeraview, please contact