Airport Zoning By Laws

Airport Zoning Bylaws are registered against thousands of properties. Due to their excessive nature, these instruments are not available for searching or viewing in the Teraview? software. As a result, you will receive the error message: “This instrument cannot be viewed online’ when you:

Use the Image Request bar to view the instrument;

Request images from the instrument tab in a Parcel Register containing this bylaw; or

Reference one of these bylaws in “search by instrument”.

The instrument options window that opens, when you are requesting the list of instruments on a PIN will display all instruments that affect the PIN except for the Airport Zoning Bylaw itself.

The bylaw Instruments are:

Land Registry Office Instrument Number Registration Date
LRO 20 H00840161 March 27, 2000
LRO 43 LT02057426 March 27, 2000
R001182558 March 27, 2000
LRO58 WR459096 May 4, 2009
LRO61 WC243602 May 4, 2009
LRO65 LT01463623 March 27, 2000
R00745627 March 27, 2000
LRO80 E000317117 March 27, 2000
TR00057844 March 27, 2000

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