Use of Wild Card Characters in Teraview

Teraview does not support the use of special characters, such as % or *, for wild card searches in Search by Name or Search by Address (Street Name) fields.

When completing a search by Last, First or Street Name, you must enter at least two characters. Teraview will return all results for names beginning with those two characters. For example, if you enter “Johns” in the last name field, POLARIS Name Search returns Johns, Johnston, and Johnstone etc.

If you do know the complete name, place a comma after the last character to reduce the number of hits. Following from the above example, if you enter “Johns,” POLARIS will only return hits for the last name Johns.

The use of Wild card characters are supported in other areas of Teraview. For example, when searching for a Docket ID or Docket Name, you may enter part of the ID or name followed by an asterisk (*) to search. Similarly, when using messaging you can use a% to search in the ‘Account’ or ‘To’ field.

For further information on Wild card character earches please refer to the Teraview Reference Guide.

Thank you for your continued support of Teraview.

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