Form PDF Name Purpose Instructions
Form 100 Authorized Services Application and Payment Form
  • Change Account Address/Phone/Fax
  • Purchase Teraview Software
Change Account Address

Purchase Teraview

Form 101 Deposit Account Payment Plan (DAPP) Application
  • Change DAPP Admin
  • Change DAPP Account
  • Change DAPP Monthly Max
  • Set-up DAPP
DAPP Admin

DAPP Account

DAPP Monthly Max


Form 102 Electronic Registration Bank Account (ERBA) Payment Plan Application
  • Change ERBA Account
  • Set-up DAPP
 ERBA Account
Form 200 Authorized Group Services
  • Add a new User
  • Transfer a User
  • Suspend a User
New User

Transfer User

Suspend User

Form 300 Portas® Personal Security License Application
  • Add a new User
  • Transfer a User
New User

Transfer User

Form 400 Application to Restrict Access to Teraview® Online Reports
  • Restrict users from viewing online reports in Teraview®
 Restrict Access
Form 401 Key Enforcement Offices (EO) Change Request
  • Change your Key (Default) Enforcement Office
 Change Key EO
Account Name Change Request Form Account Holder Name Change Request
  • Change the name of your Account
 Change Account Name