Request RSA Token

I am an Account Holder Representative (AHR) and I need to request tokens for my firm or company.

To choose RSA tokens for your firm/company:

  1. Find out who requires a token in my organization.

    Teraview will be using an RSA Token value when you sign electronic documents for completeness/release.

    Key Fob (Hard Token) - small key fob device used to authenticate.

    Smartphone App (Soft Token) – app on a smartphone used to authenticate.

    No Token Required - if a user does not sign instruments for completeness and / or release, they do not require an RSA Token. *The No Token Required selection must be made.

  2. Login to Teraview 9.0 (Desktop).

  3. From the menu bar, select Administration and then Account Administration.

    Account Administration
  4. In the Account Administration window, select a User from the list. The User Details window opens.

  5. In the Token Options section, select Hard Token, Soft Token, or No Token Required.

    token options
  6. Select Save.

  7. To set up the remaining Users on the account, repeat steps 3-5.

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