Request and Register Your RSA Token

To get started with Teraview, you may need to request, receive and register an RSA Token.

Learn how you can request and register your token.

Account Holder Representative

I am an Account Holder Representative(AHR) and I need to Request Tokens for my firm or company.

Teraview user

I am a Teraview User. I have received an RSA token and I need to Register Token

What is an RSA Token?

RSA SecurID is an authentication technology that uses both hardware and software based Tokens. The Tokens generate an authentication code at fixed intervals which is then used to provide secure login access. Teraview will be using an RSA token value along with your Teraview password when you Sign Electronic Instruments for completeness / release.

Two types of tokens are available.

Key Fob (Hard Token)

RSA SecurID Hardware Token is a small key fob authentication device that displays a token value for authentication.

Smart Phone App (Soft Token)

RSA SecurID Software Token is a mobile authentication software that transforms your smartphone into an RSA SecurID authentication device.

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